Paleonutrition and food practises in the Ancient Near East towards a multidisciplinary approach

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Serie/Convegno: Proceedings of the International Meeting Methods and Perspectives Applied to the Study of Food Practices in the Ancient Near East, Venezia, June 15th-17th 2006

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LUCIO MILANO, Introduction

Approaching Food from a Bio-archaeological Perspective

GEORGE WILLCOX, Food in the Early Neolithic of the Near East

THEYA MOLLESON, Craftsmen for Food Production: The Human Bone Evidence for Methods of Food Processing at Abu Hureyra

MICHAEL SCHULTZ, THIEDE H. SCHMIDT-SCHULTZ, The Role of Deficiency Diseases in Infancy and Childhood of Bronze Age Populations

HOLGER SCHUTKOWSKI, MICHAEL P. RICHARDS, Diet and Subsistence during the Middle Bronze Age at Sidon, Lebanon. First Isotopic Evidence of Coastal Levantine Food Ways

ARKADIUSZ SOŁTYSIAK, Frequency of Dental Caries as A Proxy Indicator of Mobility: The

Case of the Khabur Basin Human Populations

Case Studies


ISABELLA CANEVA, Food as Material Culture at Prehistoric Mersin

GIROLAMO FIORENTINO, MILENA PRIMAVERA, VALENTINA CARACUTA, Archaeobotanical Analysis at Mersin-Yumuktepe: Food Habits from Neolithic to Medieval Period

CLAUDIA MINNITI, The Role of Animals in the Economy of South-Eastern Anatolia: Food and Commensalism at Mersin-Yumuktepe (Turkey)

GIANNI SIRACUSANO, Subsistence Economy in Southern Anatolia and in the Upper Euphrates Region

Tell Beydar / Nabada

ELENA ROVA, Tannurs, Tannur Concentrations and Centralised Bread Production at Tell Beydar and Elsewhere: An Overview

LUCA MARIGLIANO, Plastered Basins for Food Processing? Some Examples from Upper Mesopotamia for A Basic Typology and Functional Interpretation

BEA DE CUPERE, Consumption Refuse, Carcasses and Ritual Deposits at Tell Beydar (Northeastern Syria)

FRANCESCA BERTOLDI, EMILIANO CARNIERI, FULVIO BARTOLI, LUCIO MILANO, Paleonutritional Evidence from Tell Beydar: The Human Sample and the Historical Sources

Tell Mishrife / Qatna

DANIELE MORANDI BONACOSSI, Early Bronze Age Crops and Storage Techniques at Mishrifeh, Central-Western Syria

ALESSANDRO CANCI, FULVIO BARTOLI, Teeth, Bones and Diet in Human Remains from Qatna Food for Travelling: Investigating Travel Provisions in the Ancient Near East

GEBHARD SELZ, Feeding the Travellers: On Early Dynastic Travel, Travel Networks and Travel Provisions in the Frame of Third Millennium Mesopotamia

LUCIO MILANO, Eating on the Road: Travel Provisions in the Ebla ArchivesFRANCESCO POMPONIO, L’alimentazione dei “messaggeri” in periodo neo-sumerico

CÉCILE MICHEL, Se restaurer en voyage en haute Mésopotamie et Anatolie au début du IIe millénaire av. J.-C.

PAOLA CORÒ, Food for the Humans and Food for the Gods: : ṣidit ilānī and ṣidītu Food Economy, Technology and Symbolism

HAGAN BRUNKE, On the Role of Fruit and Vegetables as Food in the Ur III Period

BIANCA MARIA ZONTA, Food and Death at the Ur Royal Cemetery

NICOLETTA BELLOTTO, Names Indicating Bread in the Ritual Texts from Emar

SIMONETTA PONCHIA, Management of Food Resources in the Neo-Assyrian Empire: Data and Problems

FREDERICK MARIO FALES, MONICA RIGO, Everyday Life and Food Practices in Assyrian Military Encampments